• Solar Pergola - Residential This array offers two benefits--energy to reduce the utility bill and shade for the rear deck!
  • MegaWatt Array - Commercial This megawatt array is a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). The array owner leases the land for a long term while earning money on their investment. They do this by selling the energy this array creates to the utility company. The land owner (local government) receives an income from the array owner. In this case, there are two satisfied parties.
  • Pole-Mounted Solar Array - Residential A pole-mounted array might be the choice if you have a shaded home but a sunny portion in your yard.
  • Solar Car Canopy - Commercial This "Creative" installation offers benefits to both the business owner as well as the employees. (Cars parked underneath this array remain shaded and cooler!)
  • Roof-Mounted Solar Array - Residential Notice how panels may be separated and attached to different areas of the home's roof.
  • DC Well Pump - Agriculture This solar-powered DC well-pump offers water to the farmer's animals out in the field, and it saved a large sum because the field is quite far from the nearest utility source. Solar wins again!
  • Roof-Mounted Array on top of a Barn - Agriculture Yes, solar may be installed on your barn's roof!
  • Solar Pergola - Residential
  • MegaWatt Array - Commercial
  • Pole-Mounted Solar Array - Residential
  • Solar Car Canopy - Commercial
  • Roof-Mounted Solar Array - Residential
  • DC Well Pump - Agriculture
  • Roof-Mounted Array on top of a Barn - Agriculture

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