• Solar Pergola - Residential This array offers two benefits--energy to reduce the utility bill and shade for the rear deck.
  • MegaWatt Array - Commercial The owner of this PPA array leases the land, earning money by selling the energy the array generates to the utility company. The land owner - in this case the local government - receives an income from the array owner.
  • Pole-Mounted Solar Array - Residential A pole-mounted array is an option if you have a shaded home but a sunny area in your yard.
  • Solar Car Canopy - Commercial This "Creative" installation offers benefits to both the business owner as well as the employees. Cars parked underneath this array remain shaded and cooler.
  • Roof-Mounted Solar Array - Residential Solar panels may be separated and attached to different areas of the home's roof.
  • DC Well Pump - Agriculture This solar-powered DC well-pump provides water to livestock in remote areas of the farm, at a fraction of the cost that running a utility line would incur.
  • Roof-Mounted Array on top of a Barn - Agriculture Yes, solar may be installed on your barn's roof.
  • Solar Pergola - Residential
  • MegaWatt Array - Commercial
  • Pole-Mounted Solar Array - Residential
  • Solar Car Canopy - Commercial
  • Roof-Mounted Solar Array - Residential
  • DC Well Pump - Agriculture
  • Roof-Mounted Array on top of a Barn - Agriculture

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