Southwire to Install Solar Panel Array as Part of Solarize Carrollton-Carroll

Creative Solar USA is proud to announce that we have contracted with Southwire in Carrollton, GA for a 124.1 KW roof-mounted PV solar array. This project is through the Solarize Carrollton-Carroll campaign where Creative Solar USA is the vetted contractor for both the residential and commercial sectors. The array will offset approximately 25 percent of the site’s electricity consumption and projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 92 tons of CO2 – the same result as planting over 85,000 trees or removing almost 700 vehicles from the road.

When asked about partnering with the Solarize Carrollton-Carroll campaign, Rich Stinson, President and CEO of Southwire, said “This partnership is another way we are strengthening our commitment to sustainability”. “As we work toward being generationally-sustainable, two very important pieces of that future are our environmental focus and our commitment to our community. This partnership aligns with both.”

Jeff Herrin, Senior Vice President of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) and Quality for Southwire added, “The project will reduce Southwire’s CO2 emissions and demonstrates a solar energy solution for our many customer and partners that visit the Thorn Center”. “In addition, our commitment to this project will lower the cost for the participants of the Solarize Carrollton-Carroll program.”

Solarize Carrollton-Carroll is a grass roots, community-driven, bulk-buy purchasing program that decreases the costs for both residential and commercial participants. The more households and businesses that sign up, the lower the rate for everyone involved.

Russell Seifert, CEO of Creative Solar USA, said he and his colleagues “are thrilled and honored to be part of this and we look forward to working with Southwire and the other participants in the campaign as we move forward with these projects”.

Founded in 2008, Creative Solar USA, Inc. is based in Kennesaw, GA and is a turn-key installer of solar power and energy management systems for the residential, commercial and utility sectors for the Southeastern US.

A leader in technology and innovation, Southwire Company, LLC is one of North America’s largest wire and cable producers. Southwire and its subsidiaries manufacture building wire and cable, metal-clad cable, portable and electronic cord products, utility cable products, OEM wire products and engineered products. In addition, Southwire supplies assembled products, contractor equipment and hand tools. For more on Southwire’s products, its community involvement and its vision of sustainability, visit